Upload documents to iCent


Please upload the following documents to iCent as soon as you receive each one:

  • Study permit application confirmation
  • Passport request letter (PPR) or Letter of Introduction (LOI)
  • Photo of visa stamp in passport or electronic travel authorization (eTa) number

Do not wait until you have all documents before you upload to iCent.

As a new international student coming to Canada, UFV requires you to submit your travel documents before the start of your semester. By uploading your documents through the iCent app, we will be able to help you through the study permit application process. Find out how to download the iCent app.

Steps to upload travel documents to iCent


Step 1 - Upload your study permit application confirmation

After you submit your study permit application through the IRCC website, you will receive an email confirmation. Please upload this document to iCent as soon as you receive it.

Download a sample study permit application confirmation


Step 2 - Upload your Passport Request (PPR) Letter or Letter of Introduction (LOI)

When your study permit application has been approved, you may receive a Passport Request (PPR) Letter from IRCC in order for them to issue your visa stamp. Please upload this document to iCent as soon as you receive it.‌‌

Download a sample PPR

If you receive an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) instead of a PPR, please upload your Letter of Introduction (LOI) with eTA number.

Download a sample LOI


Step 3 - Upload your visa stamp or eTA number

After you receive your passport or travel document back from IRCC, please take a photo of the visa stamp and upload it to iCent.

View a sample visa stamp

If you were issued an electronic travel authorization instead of a visa stamp, please confirm your eTA number through the iCent app.

View how to submit your eTA number

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