Study at UFV as a visiting student

Study with us as a visiting student.

Things to know before you apply

If you are not part of your institution’s exchange program, you can spend one or two semesters studying at UFV in Canada as a visiting student and earn credits towards your degree at your home institution. You can then resubmit your application to return to UFV for additional semesters.

If you are participating in your institution’s exchange program, you are not considered a UFV visiting student. You should apply to study at UFV as an inbound exchange student.

Programs and courses available to visiting students

As a visiting student, you can apply to take any course numbered 100 to 499 for which you meet the prerequisite.

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Tuition and fees for visiting students

Most visiting students pay UFV tuition and fees for the semesters they study with us.

If your institution has a visiting student partnership agreement with us, your fees may be different. Contact the Study Abroad office at your home institution to determine what fees you will pay.


Costs vary by program. See the tuition and fees for international students page to estimate your costs.

How to apply

To study at UFV as a visiting student, you follow the same application process as an international student.

Note: During the application, you are asked to indicate what type of student you are. Always select the option for visiting students.

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