Friends Without Borders

Note: the program is on hold until further notice.

Friends Without Borders (FWB) is an 8-week intercultural peer support program. The program is designed to build social and cultural connections among UFV students. FWB is a supportive community for you to connect globally, learn about other cultures, and build meaningful connections.

Culture is like an iceberg

Metaphors can help us understand big concepts by telling a story in a way we can relate to.

One metaphor that some people use to describe culture is that it's like an iceberg. When you look at a real iceberg, you only see a small part of the whole object, because most of it is hidden under the water. Cultures are like that too because there are parts of each culture that are visible but most aspects are hidden until people in the culture are comfortable with you.

It's a good start if you appreciate the visible aspects such as food, music, dances, and cultural celebrations. But to build strong intercultural connections, we need to be open to learning about different core values, perceptions, and attitudes that people might not show right away.

At Friends Without Borders, we'll help you meet people who are different from you, and build deeper intercultural connections.

Become a community member 

Join our welcoming, supportive, and diverse community. We are:

  • New international, immigrant, and/or refugee UFV students looking for Canadian and intercultural experiences or peer support.
  • Domestic UFV students who enjoy international connections and are interested in participating in multicultural learning, sharing, and discussions.

Become a community leader 

As a volunteer FWB community leader, you will contribute to promoting diversity and inclusivity at UFV. You will also build global connections and gain skills in leadership, intercultural communication, and group facilitation.

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