Types of partnerships

To meet our internationalization goals, UFV International develops partnership agreements with institutions and organizations in Canada and around the world. These agreements are proposed by a range of faculty, staff, researchers, etc., from UFV and our partner institutions. The partnerships we develop together include different types of agreements and structures.

Student exchange agreements

Our student exchange agreements provide study abroad opportunities for each partner institution. The agreement:

  • Specifies the number of students that can be exchanged in a given year.
  • Is usually between UFV and a second, named institution.
  • Must be balanced in the numbers of students exchanged over a three-to-five-year period. The number of students sent by UFV to a partner institution must be the same as the number the partner sends to UFV over the agreed-upon period.
  • Can focus on particular programs.

Transfer agreements

Transfer agreements:

  • Are typically for particular programs of study.
  • Specify the number of credits a student might receive at UFV upon transfer from a partner institution.
  • Usually identify course pathways that transferring students must follow to meet our graduation requirements in the agreement’s subject area.

Articulation agreements

Similar to transfer agreements, articulation agreements are for specific programs. Typically, the agreement is that:

  • The student starts at a home-country university and finishes at UFV.
  • The time is allocated equally and consecutively between schools. For a four-year degree, two years are spent at the home-country school, and then the last two years at UFV. In some cases, students may need to complete additional courses at UFV that extend past two years.
  • UFV awards a degree, diploma, or certificate when the last part of the program is completed through our courses.
  • Some partner universities who have hosted the student for the first 50% may also award a degree, diploma, or certificate, but in general the certification comes only from the last institution.

Pathway partnerships

UFV has a pathway partnership with Fraser Valley India (FVI) in Chandigarh, India. The agreement is similar to an articulation agreement. Students who attend FVI can transfer to UFV as early as their second semester to complete their program and graduate with a UFV degree.

Other partnership agreements

Other agreements that UFV International may participate in as part of UFV include:

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