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Find the forms and information you need to apply for international studies or prepare for an international trip with UFV.

International travel policies and procedures


Study Abroad application forms

Learn more about applying to study abroad and register for an information session.

International travel forms

You must complete these forms before you participate in any international travel with UFV.

Information for studying abroad

Financial planning

The full cost to study abroad varies by country and institution.

You are responsible to pay:

  • Your UFV tuition and student fees for each semester abroad
  • Airfare and other travel expenses to and from your host institution
  • Insurance, which usually includes UFV’s mandatory insurance and your host institution’s insurance.
  • Accommodations
  • Visa applications
  • Passport registration or renewal
  • Living expenses
  • Textbooks

Some institutions may have additional costs. You are not required to pay application fees or tuition to your host institution.

If you need help determining how much your semester abroad will cost, contact the UFV Study Abroad Coordinator.

Financial aid to study abroad

We offer scholarships to students studying abroad at specific partner institutions. The institutions and amounts change each year and range from CAD $500 to $4000.

Contact the UFV Study Abroad coordinator to find out if you are eligible for a scholarship.

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