How to attend your first week of classes

You are an incoming international student. Here are the steps to take to attend your first week of classes.

What you need to know for your first week of classes

Step 1: Set up your accounts

Set up all three of your key UFV accounts (if you have not already done so). 

Step 2: Create a semester schedule so you can plan ahead

With multiple courses and deadlines, it is important to be organized. Start by creating a class schedule from the information in myUFV. You have access to myClass on your first day of classes. At that point, you can add the assignment, test, and exam periods from each syllabus to create a single schedule for the whole semester. If you use a different colour for each course, you can quickly see the busy times in the weeks ahead.

Print your schedule and post it in a place where you will see it often. Set reminders on your phone for quizzes and exams so you get to them on time.

Note: The times of your courses always use Pacific Time (PST/PDT), even if you are still overseas.

  1. Set up your myUFV account (if you have not already done so). 
  2. Log in to myUFV.
  3. Click Self Service Links.
  4. Click Student Information, click Registration, and then click Student Schedule.

Check whether each class is in-person or online

We use the following methods to deliver our classes. Most of your course syllabuses indicate the instructional method.

  • OLO: Online only, no meeting times
  • OLM: Online with scheduled meeting times
  • HYB: Blended mix of in-person and on-line instruction
  • TRD: Traditional in-person delivery only

See our CLIMB Instagram post for more about checking your student schedule.

Step 3: Read your syllabus for each course

A syllabus is an outline of everything that you will learn in a course over the semester. To see your syllabus for each course, log in to myClass.

Note: You can access myClass on your first day of classes, but not before.

Each syllabus usually includes:

  • Your professor's contact information and office hours.
  • The campus, building, and room number of your in-person classes.
  • The delivery method for your online classes (Zoom, etc.).
  • Course materials you need to buy, such as textbooks or software.
  • Assignment guidelines.
  • The grading scale for the course.
  • A schedule of the topics to be covered each week
  • Due dates assignments, and assigned readings.
  • Exam periods (but not specific dates).

Step 4: Buy your textbooks

Check your syllabus for each course to find out what textbooks you need. You can order them online from the UFV Bookstore.

Most of the time, you will have to buy a new textbook. If your course allows it, you can save money by buying used textbooks or electronic versions of textbooks

Your course syllabus may indicate if a used textbook is acceptable. If you are not sure, email the professor.

If used or electronic versions of textbooks are available, you will see them listed in the UFV Bookstore.

Step 5: Attend your first in-person and/or online classes

Get ready for your first in-person class

On the day before classes start, log in to myUFV and do the following for each in-person class:

  1. Make a note of the building, room number, and time the class starts.
  2. Look up each building on the campus map and plan the route from your residence to the first class, and additional routes to other in-person classes.
  3. You may want to do a walk around campus ahead of time to see each building.

For your first day of in-person classes, you must attend in person and be on time.


  • If you do not attend each of your in-person classes in person and on time, you may be dropped from the course.
  • If it is your intention to drop the course for any reason, there may be financial penalties unless you advise admission before the deadline.

Get ready for your first online class

On the day before classes start, log in to myUFV and check the time each class starts.

On the first day of classes, log in early to myClass and ensure you have the required software for each online class. To find this information, click My Courses, and then select the course name. The software is listed either in the Announcements section or under the syllabus and may include one of the following:

  • Zoom
  • Blackboard
  • Padlet
  • Teams

Your professor may drop you from the course if:

  • You miss the first meeting of a synchronous class and do not email them.
  • You do not log in before the deadline for an asynchronous course.

Note: If you cannot log in to myClass, or you miss your first class for any reason, email your professor immediately from your myUFV email account and let them know what happened.

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