Course registration for international students

Registering for your courses

First semester

For your first semester of study, you do not need to sign up for your courses. UFV International will register you for your courses.

We do this approximately two months before your classes start. When we have finished registering you, you can see your courses by logging in to myUFV and accessing your registration details.

Second and subsequent semesters

For your second and subsequent semesters, we will notify you about timing to register. You have to plan your courses and register yourself.

Find out how to prepare for your first semester


Definitions: programs, courses, classes, and credits

Students sometimes mix up these four terms. Here are some definitions and examples to help.

Program: Your program is a set of courses and their requirements. The program is usually structured as a credential, such as a certificate, diploma, or degree.

It may also be an option within a credential, such as a major, minor, or concentration.

Course: Your program includes a group of courses that teach you about things that are important for the program. You must pass all courses to complete your program. For example, in the Business Administration diploma program, there are several courses in each semester.

Class: You may have one, two, or three classes each week for every course. In addition to classes, you may have labs, tutorials, and other meetings for your course.

Credits: Each course is worth a certain number of credits. The number of credits assigned to the course is based on the number of hours of instruction and the coursework involved. Full-time students take at least nine credits (often 12 or more) each semester.


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