Apply to study abroad

What you need to apply

Domestic and international students can apply to the Study Abroad program if you meet the eligibility criteria listed below.

Eligibility criteria

You are eligible to study abroad if you meet all the following criteria:

  • You are a full-time student at UFV.
  • You have a cumulative GPA (CGPA) of at least 2.33.
  • You completed 18 credits at UFV.

You must also attend a Study Abroad information session at least eight months before your planned semester abroad.

How to apply

Step 1: Attend a Study Abroad information session.

You must attend a Study Abroad information session before you can apply to the Study Abroad program. Book your session at least eight months before your planned term abroad.

During your session, the Study Abroad coordinator will walk you through:

  • The criteria to be accepted into the study abroad program.
  • The application process.
  • The scholarships available to students studying abroad.
  • What to expect before, during, and after your term abroad.

The coordinator can also answer any questions you have about the Study Abroad program and help you choose a destination for your studies.

Register for an information session

Step 2: Choose a host institution

Your host institution is the school where you will complete your semester abroad. You must choose a destination for your study abroad semester. Make sure you consider:

  • Where the host institution is located.
  • What programs are available to exchange students.
  • The semester start and end dates at your host institution.

Browse our list of partner institutions

Note: You are not guaranteed a spot at your first choice of host institution. Instead, list your top three destinations.

Step 3: Meet with an academic advisor

In addition to meeting with the Study Abroad coordinator, you should also meet with an academic advisor if:

  • You are not sure how studying abroad will affect your ability to meet your program requirements.
  • You are trying to complete a study abroad term in the third year of your program or later.
  • You do not know what courses to take during your study abroad term.

Your advisor can provide guidance on how participating in study abroad will impact your studies.

Book an appointment with an advisor

Step 4: Submit your application

Applications are now open for Fall 2024!

Apply to Study Abroad

To complete the application, you need:

  • Your unofficial academic record, which you can find on myUFV.
  • A non-refundable application fee of CAD $100. The fee is payable by cash, cheque, or debit card at the UFV office.
  • A written letter of intent. You can find the requirements for your Letter of Intent in the application.‌

After you submit your application, we will review it. You will receive an email letting you know if you are accepted into the Study Abroad program. If you are accepted, we will nominate you to your chosen host institution.

We do our best to nominate you to your first choice of institution. We will contact you if we move on to your second or third choice.

Step 5: Complete your host institution’s application

If your host institution accepts your nomination, they will send you an application package. Complete the application and return it to them.

Deadlines and semester start dates vary by school and country, so make sure you research important deadlines at your host institution. It is your responsibility to submit your application by the necessary deadline.

If you have questions about your application, contact the Study Abroad coordinator at your host institution.

Step 6: Prepare to get transfer credits

The courses you are taking during your semester abroad must be approved by UFV to make sure they meet our credit requirements. To get approval, send a completed request for letter of permission to the UFV Study Abroad office at

Once your courses are approved, you will receive an approval letter. Submit a copy of this letter to the UFV Study Abroad coordinator at

Complete a request for letter of permission [PDF]

Step 7: Register for your credits

You still need to register for UFV credits during the semester(s) you are studying at your host institution.

We will provide you with a course reference number (CRN) to register for your credits. When you register for the semester(s) you are spending abroad, only register using the CRN we give you. Do not register for individual courses at UFV.

Note: You are not choosing your courses right now. Instead, you are registering for 12 general Study Abroad credits. After you complete your term abroad and complete your credit transfer, the 12 Study Abroad credits you registered for are updated to show the specific courses you took.

Step 8: Register for your courses

Course registration is different at every host institution. Sometimes, you can register for your courses before you travel to your host institution. Other times, you will only be able to register after you arrive.

Your host institution will provide instructions on how to register for your courses.

Step 9: Attend pre-departure meetings

After you are accepted by your host institution, you must attend a mandatory pre-departure meeting. Contact the UFV Study Abroad coordinator to schedule your meeting.

Step 10: Confirm your attendance

We will provide you with a Confirmation of Attendance form, either by email or at your pre-departure meeting. After you finish registering for your courses, get this form signed by your host institution to confirm which courses you are taking during your term abroad.

After the form is signed, send it to

Step 11: Complete your credit transfer

After you complete your courses at your host institution and before you return to Canada, ask your host institution to send your official transcript to UFV. When the transcript is received by UFV, your credits will be transferred.

Mail your transcript to:

Attn: Articulation
University of the Fraser Valley
33844 King Road, Abbotsford, BC
Canada V2S 7M8

Other things to consider before you go

Before you go on your term abroad, you may also need to:

  • Find accommodations.
  • Book travel.
  • Apply for necessary travel documents, including travel visa, ETA, and study permit.
  • Apply for or renew your passport.
  • Complete medical exams.

Requirements vary by institution. Contact your host institution’s Study Abroad coordinator to find out if there are any special steps you need to take before you arrive.

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