Create invoices to collect commissions

Use your agency dashboard to create new commission invoices and check past ones. You must use this method to create your invoices. If you submit a paper invoice by email, we will ask you to re-submit it through the dashboard.

Log into UFV agent portal

Register for agent commissions

As an agent, you can log in to the application portal and access to the agency dashboard. Use it to create student applications.

As an agency, use your agency dashboard to create, submit, and monitor invoices. To do this, you need a second email and password combination to register for the "agent commissions" part of the dashboard.

  1. Use your regular agent login information to access the dashboard.
  2. Select agent commissions.
  3. Create your secondary agent commission login using a different email address and password. Use an email address that is only for accounting or for agency leaders, because we will be sending copies of invoices to this email address.

If you forget the password or want to change either the email address or password used to register for agent commissions, email us at

How to submit invoices

To get started, log in to your agency dashboard through the agency web portal.

  1. Select Agent commissions.
  2. Create your secondary agent commission email address/password combination.
  3. Under Agency invoice, you can choose to see past invoices or create a new one. To create a new one, click New invoice.
    The first line shows your agency ID and the invoice number. For example, if your agency ID is AA1 and this is
    the second invoice submitted under that ID, the invoice number is AA1-2.
  4. Check that the name of the agency, address, and email address are correct. If you have multiple addresses, select the correct one from the drop-down list.
  5. If you are registered in Canada, ensure that we have your HST or GST number. The exception is if you believe you will earn less than CAD $30,000 in a calendar year. If that is the case, we do not need a GST or HST number, and will not add those amounts to your invoice.
  6. Ensure that the semester is correct.
  7. Bank information: if you are operating in Canada, we will pay you by direct deposit to a Canadian bank. If you are operating outside of Canada, we will pay you by direct deposit through Western Union.
  8. Click Preview to ensure that the information is correct. You will see a report. Check everything carefully, including the following:
    • Invoice number
    • Term
    • Bank information
    • Invoice detail grids for each student
  9. If you see any errors, DO NOT click Save and submit. Instead, do a print screen/screen capture/snip and email it to us as an attachment. Then, click the Back button and close the application.
  10. Click the Back button if you want to change anything or click Save and submit if you are finished.
  11. After you save and submit, you see the message, "Submitting, please wait". Do not exit the window until the application has finished submitting.
  12. When the application has finished processing, UFV will get your invoice and begin processing it. You are sent a PDF of the invoice at the same time.

Note: If you are unable to generate and submit an online invoice, email us at

For more information about our agency dashboard or creating invoices, sign up for one of our agent training sessions.

Commission invoice submission deadlines

  • Fall: Open for invoice submission on October 1. The deadline to submit your invoice is October 31.
  • Winter: Open for invoice submission on February 7. The deadline to submit your invoice is March 1.

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