Admission requirements for international students

To qualify for admission at UFV as an international student, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. General requirements
  2. English language requirements
  3. Program requirements

Note: UFV programs are very competitive. Because of that, we cannot guarantee an offer of admission, even if you meet the minimum program admission requirements.

1. General requirements

You must complete upper secondary qualifications that are equivalent to Canadian Grade 12. This may include:

  • Form Six
  • Five O-levels plus at least two A-levels
  • GCE/General Certificate of Education 

See the complete list of international qualifications that are equivalent to Canadian Grade 12.

2. English language requirements

As an international student, you must meet our minimum levels of English language proficiency for your program. If you do not, you may be eligible to take one of our English proficiency upgrading programs.

UFV considers two levels of English language proficiency:

  1. At the highest level of English proficiency, you are eligible for our academic undergraduate and graduate programs.
  2. If you do not meet the academic graduate/undergraduate level, you may be eligible for our Qualifying Studies program. After you complete it and re-test, you may be eligible for undergraduate or graduate academic studies.

Review our English requirements for international students

3. Program requirements

In addition to general requirements and English-language requirements, each program has specific entrance requirements. For example, you may need to take additional courses to upgrade your math, science, or other skills. This may be a requirement even if you are conditionally accepted into the program.

To learn about the program-specific requirements, see the UFV academic calendar.

English Second Language Program requirements

The English Second Language Program is for anyone wanting to upgrade English proficiency. If you are applying for the English Second Language Program, you must have completed high school (or Form Five) and be at least eighteen years of age.


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