Register for courses as a current international student

As a returning international student, you get priority over domestic students for your course choices. To keep that priority, you need to plan carefully and register as soon as you are allowed to.

Learn how to:

  • Get help from an academic advisor.
  • Figure out which courses you need.
  • Build a schedule.
  • Change your program.
  • Register.

Plan your registration 

  • If you have not registered for three or more consecutive semesters (one year), you must re-apply to UFV through the EducationPlannerBC portal. If you only missed one or two consecutive semesters, you can register through your myUFV account.
  • You must meet all prerequisites before you register. If you do not meet the prerequisite(s) for a course, you may request permission from the instructor. If they give you permission, they will enter a waiver into the student record system. You will then be able to register or get on a waitlist as you would with other courses.
  • Make sure that we have your current address and phone number. Check your contact information on myUFV and update it, if necessary.
  • If you think you meet the requirements (English, math, GPA, etc.) to change your program, meet with a UFV International academic advisor to confirm your eligibility.
  • You can apply for a program change through myUFV, but we recommend that you work with a UFV International advisor first. There is a fee for program changes.
  • There are many advantages to declaring a major or minor, including earlier registration dates, access to reserved seats, and more. If you want to declare your program, make an appointment with a program-specific advisor.

Step 1: Find out which courses you need to take

  • If you are taking Qualifying Studies, University Foundations, or a first-year General Studies Diploma: Make an appointment to speak with a UFV International advisor to plan your program and select your courses. To book an appointment, see the UFV academic advisors section later on this page.
  • If you are planning to transfer or switch programs: Make an appointment to speak with a UFV International advisor to ensure you meet the admission requirements for your desired program. To book an appointment, see the UFV academic advisors section later on this page.
    • Apply online for your new program well before your registration time.
    • Ask your academic advisor if you will be able to meet the next semester’s deadlines, or if you should wait for a semester.
    • There is a fee for program application processing.
  • If you are in a program other than Qualifying Studies, English Language Studies, or University Foundations: Review the UFV Calendar Program Guide to make sure you know which courses to take. Make an appointment with your program-specific advisor if you have any questions. To book an appointment, see the UFV academic advisors section later on this page.
  • If you are a diploma or degree student: Review the UFV Calendar Program Guide and check the MyGRADplan link at myUFV

Other resources for choosing your courses

Review the UFV Calendar Program Guide for details on each program.

Check course outlines for details of the courses that interest you.

Step 2: Look at the timetable and choose your courses

Read the Instructional Methods information for each course. Check which courses are face-to-face on campus, and which are online. For online courses, check the technical requirements to be sure you can access them. You need a reliable internet connection and computer for most courses.

Some online courses require you to have a microphone and camera. Some online courses have scheduled meeting times, which means you must be available on those specific days/times for online activities.

Note: We will post the timetable approximately one month before registration.

See the latest timetable

Learn how to read the timetable.
Learn more about online course technical requirements.

Step 3: Build your schedule

To build your draft schedule, you can do one of the following

  • Download and print a timetable worksheet and create your schedule by hand. Use our interactive course finder to find the courses for your program.
  • Use the option within the interactive course finder to build your schedule automatically. Make sure you print a copy to use when you register.

When building your schedule, check for face-to-face courses and labs as well as synchronous online activities to ensure you do not have day or time conflicts. A synchronous online course means that you must attend it at a specific time and cannot watch it later. An asynchronous online course means that it is recorded so you can watch it during a wider period of time.

When you register for your courses, you need the course reference number (CRN) for each course in your schedule. These course reference numbers are five digits long. The first digit represents the first month of the course’s semester – fall=9 (September); winter=1 (January); summer=5 (May).

Do not forget to:

  • Schedule any labs you need.
  • Ensure you meet the pre-requisites for the courses you want.‌

Use the interactive course finder

Print a timetable worksheet [PDF]

Step 4: Pay your tuition and fees

Important: As an international student, you must pay your tuition and fees deposit before you register.

Plan ahead. Online payments may take several days to be posted to your account. You should also check for registration holds and resolve them early. This includes:

  • Fees
  • Library fines or books outstanding
  • Academic warnings

If you need fewer than 12 credits to complete your program, request a pay-per-credit letter.

Learn more about tuition and fees for current international students.

Pay your tuition and fees

Step 5: Register for courses as soon as you can after your registration date and time

Check your registration date and time

Your registration date and time is posted on myUFV approximately two weeks before registration starts. International students get to register about 36 hours before domestic students. After that first 36 hours, you do not have priority, so register as early as you can. If you register later, you may need to go on a course waitlist.

To find out your assigned day and time: 

  1. Log in to myUFV.
  2. Select Student information.
  3. Select Registration.
  4. Select Check your registration time and availability.
  5. Select the semester from the drop-down menu,  and then click Submit.
  6. The time at which you can register is displayed, for example: June 17 (2:15PM) - December 31.
  7. You can register any time during the assigned period.

Register online

To register online, have your completed timetable schedule ready and log on to myUFV.

  1. Select Student information.
  2. Select Register, Add, Drop, Waitlist or Withdraw from a course.
  3. Select the term from the drop-down menu, and then click Submit.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and add all your course reference numbers (CRNs) in the fields.
  5. Select Submit changes. You should immediately see the courses you have been registered for.
  6. If a section (course) is full, put yourself on the waitlist by selecting it from the drop-down menu. Select Submit changes again.

Note: If you are on a waitlist for a course and a place opens for you, we will notify you by UFV student email. You must claim the course within two days.

Register in person

As the pandemic continues to have an impact on face-to-face activities, we are not open for in-person registration for the fall 2021 semester.

Registration support

We offer pre-registration support. Contact us if you need help with:

  • Course prerequisites
  • Account holds
  • Waitlists
  • English requirements
  • Anything else 

Watch our registration tutorial videos.

Request pre-registration support

Step 6: Double-check your payment confirmation and timetable

Save or print a copy of your payment confirmation as a receipt. Check your timetable to make sure that you are in the courses you want on the days and times you want.

Contact if you have tuition deposit or account questions.

Step 7: Check your registration status frequently

Even though you registered and confirmed your timetable, the availability of some courses may change. For example, a course may be moved online due to the pandemic. You should therefore check your registration status and your UFV email often. By doing this, you can identify problems quickly and secure your seat in high-demand courses.

Speak to an advisor for your program if you have questions.

UFV academic advisors

There are two main groups of advisors who can help you during registration. They are the international academic advisors and the program-specific advisors.

All advisors are very busy during the registration period, so make an appointment early. As soon as you book an advisor appointment of any kind, read the sections on this page about choosing your courses and building your schedule. Go through those exercises before you meet your advisor so that you are prepared.

UFV International academic advisors

Book an appointment with an international academic advisor. Speak to a UFV International advisor if either of these apply to you:

  • You want to switch programs.
  • You are in the Qualifying Studies or Foundations/ELS programs.

Book an appointment

Program-specific academic advisors

Book an appointment with a program-specific advisor for help choosing courses. Advisors can help you:

  • Plan to meet the graduation requirements for the program you are already in.
  • Choose courses to enable you to switch programs.
  • Explain university procedures.

Learn more about program-specific advisors and book an appointment. 

One-on-one virtual drop-in appointments

We offer daily virtual drop-in appointments for international students. The appointments start at 8 am Pacific Time and are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Our friendly international-student relations specialists can answer your questions about:

  • Study/work permits: John Fernando can help you get answers about study permit renewals, restoration, and work permits.
  • Registration and English upgrading support: Hong Qiao can answer questions about registration prerequisites, waitlists, holds, English upgrading, and course articulation (credit transfer) details.
  • Account and fees: Leah Carr can answer your questions about payments, refunds, penalties, tuition, and student/ancillary fees.

Book a virtual drop-in

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