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Learn all you need to know about studying and working in Canada. Don't miss the upcoming Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada workshop series.

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A successful university experience involves more than just attending classes. UFV International provides a variety of support services to help you be successful. Use the resources below to make the most of your UFV education and stay on track at UFV.

See an advisor to plan your course work

Advisors can help you choose courses and explain university procedures, but ultimately you’re in charge of planning your studies. It’s up to you to:

  • Schedule and attend appointments with your advisor
  • Meet course and program requirements
  • If you have met the entrance requirements of your goal program, formally request a program change. Program changes are not automatic. They can be done electronically through EducationPlannerBC.

Book an appointment with your advisor.


Register on time

As an international student, you have priority registration if you register on your registration date (found on myUFV, approximately two weeks before registration starts). If you register after that date, you may find yourself on a class waitlist.

If you have questions about course prerequisites, holds on your account, waitlists, English language requirements, and more, please fill out THIS FORM and we will contact you soon. 

Returning international students

UFV International students who have not registered for three or more semesters (one year) need to re-apply to UFV through the international application portal.

If you are returning after not registering for one or two consecutive semesters, you can register through your myUFV account.

Change your program

Active UFV international students who want to change their program must apply to EducationPlannerBC.

For more information on how to apply, please visit UFV Admissions.

As you plan to return to your studies, we recommend you book an appointment with an Academic Advisor by going to UFV Advising and register for an Immigration Workshop.

Plan ahead: renew your study permit before it expires

To stay in Canada and study at UFV, you need a valid study permit. Apply to renew at least 90 days before the expiration of your study permit. View more info about study permit renewal.

If you need documentation from UFV to renew your study permit, secure a scholarship, or request funds for your bank, make sure you plan ahead and request a letter well in advance of your deadline.

Sourav Aggarwal

My UFV experience has provided me another family, as well as a lot more destinations to travel around the world without worrying about a place to live. I am living a good life at UFV! 

  • – Sourav Aggarwal
  •    UFV Student
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