Prepare for your first semester

Plan carefully for your first semester. Ensure you know dates and deadlines, how to access your courses, and how to learn more about your program.

Dates you need to know

Ensure you know the dates and deadlines for:

How to register for your courses

You do not need to register for your first-semester courses. UFV International will do it for you approximately two months before your classes start. When we have finished registering you for your courses, you can see your course listings by logging in to myUFV and accessing your schedule.

How to access your schedule

Note: The times of your courses always use Pacific Time (PST/PDT), even if you are still overseas. 

  1. Set up your myUFV account (if you have not already done so).
  2. Log in to myUFV.
  3. Click Self Service Links.
  4. Click Student Information, click Registration, and then click Student Schedule.

Instructional methods

We use the following methods to deliver our classes. Most of your course syllabuses clearly indicate the instructional method.

  • OLO: Online only, no meeting times
  • OLM: Online with scheduled meeting times
  • HYB: Blended mix of in-person and on-line instruction
  • TRD: Traditional in-person delivery only

Note: You will be able access your schedule through myClass when your semester starts, but you should begin with myUFV.

How to get help or learn more about your program

Academic calendar

Our academic calendar has all the latest information about UFV programs, including:

  • Course outlines and descriptions
  • Academic regulations
  • Academic standards
  • General policies for undergraduate and graduate programs

Review the UFV academic calendar.


MyGRADplan lets you plan and track your progress toward your degree, diploma, or certificate. To use MyGRADplan, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to myUFV.
  2. Find MyGRADplan on the myUFV home page.
  3. Click Students click here to learn more about how it works and to access your program audit.
  4. Read through the short introduction to the software.
  5. Click Access your personal MyGRADplan here.

Download the MyGRADplan Student Guide [PDF]

Academic Advising

You may find that the demands of our educational system are different than you are used to. If you need help, UFV advisors are here for you. You can book an appointment to discuss:

  • Academic difficulty
  • Academic policies and regulations
  • Course planning and selection
  • Course withdrawal
  • Changing programs
  • Educational planning for career goals
  • Program requirements
  • Transfer credits
  • UFV's extensive network of academic support services

Book an appointment with Academic Advising

How to attend your first week of classes

After you review the information on this page, get step-by-step instructions for your first week and how to attend your first week of classes.

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