Tuition refunds & rules

Complete withdrawal from UFV

If you must fully withdraw from UFV for reasons beyond your control, such as an illness or study permit refusal, you have two options:

  • You can claim a refund of your tuition fees according to the terms outlined below;
  • You can transfer your fees to the next available semester without any penalties by completing a Request for Deferred Admission form by the deadline before classes begin.  

Eligibility for a full refund

You can only obtain a full refund of your tuition fee deposit, less the $150 non-refundable application fee and a $150 administration fee, if you can demonstrate that:

  • The Canadian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate has refused to grant you a Study Permit; or
  • You are unable to attend due to medical reasons.

You must request a refund before classes begin and provide either a visa rejection letter, or an official medical note from a doctor as supporting evidence.

The processing time for refunds is approximately 4 weeks.  

Eligibility for a partial refund

If you withdraw from UFV to attend another public, post-secondary institution, you can obtain a 50% refund by requesting a refund before classes begin and by providing a copy of your letter of acceptance from the institution you will be attending. The deadline is September 14, 2020, for the Fall 2020 semester.

If you withdraw from UFV for other reasons, you can obtain a 25% refund by requesting a refund up until the end of the second week of classes. The deadline is September 28, 2020, for the Fall 2020 semester. 

All partial refund requests are final.

If you withdraw from UFV after the first two weeks of classes, you are not eligible for any refund.

Partial withdrawal from UFV

You can withdraw from one or more courses, but must remain registered for at least one course.  

Fall and Winter semesters

Because international students pay a minimum amount based on 12 credits, withdrawing from one or more classes does not qualify you for a refund, unless:

  • you meet the criteria for a reduced course load as outlined below, or
  • you registered into more than 12 credits and you wish to withdraw from the excess credits.

Refund eligibility also depends on the withdrawal dates as outlined by the Office of the Registrar.

Summer semester

In the summer, you pay for courses per credit. If you choose to drop a course but retain at least one course, you can get a refund based on the fee reductions information outlined on the Office of the Registrar website.

Fee penalties range from 0 to 100% and are based on the total tuition fees for the course(s) from which you withdraw. The amount refunded will depend on the amount you paid, less the amount UFV retains.

Reduced course load & per credit tuition payment

To reduce your UFV course load and pay tuition on a per credit basis in a fall or winter semester, you can make a written request with appropriate evidence demonstrating one of the following criteria:

  • The full time course load for the semester combines UFV courses and courses at another institution
  • Less than the normal course load is required to complete the credential in the last semester of study
  • Medical reasons prevent full time study
  • 10-credit restriction due to academic warning/probation
  • Co-op work semesters can include part-time study paid on a per-credit basis.

Unlike the fall and winter semesters, summer semesters are considered optional and provide you with an opportunity to study part time and pay for courses on a per-credit basis (rather than as a flat fee).

Students who are approved to pay per credit are subject to the withdrawal penalty dates set out by the Office of the Registrar each semester.

More questions?

If you require further information or clarification regarding refunds or course load reductions, please contact Leah Carr 


Temporary Refund Rules for New Students - Fall 2020

UFV is committed to serving our students at home and around the world. With that in mind, UFV International is offering the following one-time refund rules for Fall 2020 to alleviate some pressure regarding the uncertainties concerning the IRCC’s extended study permit processing times during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

New international students who can provide evidence (communication from IRCC) indicating that they were not successful in securing a study permit to study in Canada are eligible for a 100% tuition and fees refund (less a $150 administration fee) if they withdraw prior to the start of classes (September 14, 2020)

New international students who can provide evidence after the start of classes that they were not successful in securing a study permit to study in Canada are eligible for a 90% refund of tuition and 100% refund on other mandatory fees if they withdraw on or before October 13, 2020.

The fees will be credited to the student account if the student defers to the Winter 2021 semester. To request a deferral, please submit a request.  If students do not wish to defer, a refund request can be submitted online.


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