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June 11, 2019 NEW! Faster and Easier Refund Process

Effective immiedately, UFV's new refund process does not require agents to fill out bank information to complete the refund form. All that is required in the new form is the student's name, UFV ID, e-mail address and student signature.

Please submit requests for the new form to:

For payments received through Western Union (WU), the refund process only requires the student to complete and submit the new form and the refund will be automatically processed back to their account.

For payments not received through Western Union (WU),  the process invovles two steps:  First, an e-mail will be sent from Western Union to provide a link to the refund portal, and then a second e-mail will be sent with a temporary password to access the portal. 

Once logged on the student can provide their bank information direclty to WUand their refund will be processed within 3-5 days if bank information provided is correct.


June 11, 2019  Winter 2020 Applications Update

Offers of admission have not yet been released to qualified applicants. If the submitted application does not have all the required transcripts and English language score, now is the time to send these documents to

Completed applications will be given priority processing, whereas applications missing required documents for evaluation, are 'Incomplete' and will not be processed.  

Don't delay, send those transcripts and scores today!


May 21, 2019  New programs

Coding Skill Associate certificate is available for the Winter 2020 semester which is currently open for applicationThis program will also be available for Fall 2020 when this semester opens for application October 1, 2019.

Digital Manufacturing diploma is available for the Fall 2020 semester which will open for application October 1, 2019.

Efective Fall 2019: Bachelor of General Studies is now the Bachelor of Integrated Studies.  No changes to the program, however, the name of the degree now better reflects how a student can build their own degree.


April 17, 2019

Welcome Week for new incoming Summer 2019 students is April 25 & 26.  Students must arrive with a valid study permit on one of those two days.  Please check Student Pre-arrival Communications for more information. 

No late arrivals--students still waiting on a a visa approval must apply for a deferral of summer admission by the latest April 30, 2019.  For more information on how to apply for an admission deferral, please go to Request for Deferred Admission.


March 29, 2019

International entrance scholarships were awarded this past week for the Winter 2019 semester.  A total of 19 post-secondary and high school applicants were the receipient of $1000 each for tuition fees for a future semester.  Both Indian and Vietnamese students were the countries represented with most applicants having been referred by our agents. 

Three local interim high students qualified as the receipients of the Fall 2019 semester B.C. Region High School International Student Entrance Scholarship. The students are from Brocton high school in Vancouver, and from Abbotsford's Robert Bateman high school.

Each student receives $5000 for tuition fees towards their fall semester.  Two of the students are from Brazil and the third student is from Vietnam.


March 29, 2019 -- UPDATE April 1, 2019 Offers of Admission will have UFV ID of 300XXXXXX

Effective immediately, offers of admission will no longer provide the student's UFV id 300XXXXXX and will now display the temporary  G ID number issued in the application process:  G00XXXXXX.

The change assists applicant's to log in at the application portal with their G ID number and PIN created in the application to check their application status and checklist for documents received or outstanding.

Until Western Union can adapt their software to include the new G ID format, please contact for the student's UFV permanent id number.


March 28, 2019

The Summer 2019 Data Analysis Post-baccalaureate certificate program will close for application on April 1, 2019. Qualified applications received at the application deadline will be given an extension for receipt of official transcripts and the tuition fee deposit.

All Fall 2019 semester programs currently open for application will close on April 1, 2019.

English Language Studies (ELS) program is open for application for the Fall 2019 semester until July 1, 2019.  Please note that only qualified ELS applicants may apply. If an ELS applicant is wanting to complete an academic credential after English upgrading completion they must note their goal academic program in the Notes of the application.  Questions?  Please contact us at


March 21, 2019

The Library and Information Technology diploma program is now closed for the Fall 2019 semester

Please review the list of closed programs for the Fall and Winter semesters at the application portal.

Feb. 22, 2019  Application Processing Update

Expect delays with application processing due to the high volume of applications received.  Average processing time from receipt of a completed application is approximately one month.

In some cases, depending upon the program applied to, the application review process can take up to six weeks or more.


Feb. 15, 2019  New Programs Available Fall 2019

The following programs are now open to apply to for the Fall 2019 semester:

Bachelor of Environmental Studies

Graduate certificate in Migration and Citizenship

Graduate diploma in Migration and Citizenship


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