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Agent Commission

UFV requires all agents who are eligible for commission to now submit their commission invoice through their Agency Dashboard. Agents who submit a paper invoice through e-mail will be asked to re-submit their commission invoice online.

Agent Commission reports and invoices can be accessed online through your Agency Dashboard.  Please log on to the application portal and select Agent Commissions. For Agent Commission portal access, the creation of a password is required with an e-mail address of your choice.  Please note, this is a one-time e-mail/password creation, and if you forget, or want to change either the e-mail or password, you must contact us.

For a step-by-step guide on how to access your Agency Commission portal, and create & submit your invoice, please contact us.

We invite you to join us Jan. 27, 2021 for an agent training and information session on Agent Commissions. Please sign up for this webinar and we can walk you through the process. If you missed this webinar, we have pre-recorded webinars available on our youtube channel UFV Agency Webinars.


1. For those agencies who are unable to generate & submit an online commission invoice, please contact us for assistance.

2. If you generate a report and you see an error(s) in the report, please do not create an invoice and submit. We would instead ask that you contact us so we can work together to resolve.

Commission Invoice Portal Open and Deadline to Submit:

Fall:       Open for invoice submission on Oct. 1 and the deadline to submit your invoice is Oct. 31.

Winter:  Open for invoice submission on Feb. 1 and the deadline to submit your invoice is Feb. 28.

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