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Priority registration‌ for international students for Winter 2021‌ ‌classes will begin November 16, 2020.  Registration appointments will be available October 31 through myUFV.  


Find out which courses you need to take

If you are in a program other than English Language Studies (ELS), review your program's guidelines to make sure you know which courses you need to take. If you need to change your program for Winter 2021, apply online well before your registration date. There is fee for program application processing.


Look at the timetable to choose your courses

Important: Read timetable 'Instructional Methods' information below the subject links very carefully. Students will need reliable internet connections and computers for most courses. Some courses will require that students have microphones and cameras. Some courses will have 'scheduled meeting times' which will require students to be available on specific days/times for online activities. Be especially aware of this if you plan to study from your home country or if you are working. Some courses will require students to be on the UFV campus.


Build your schedule

Use the timetable worksheet to build your schedule. You can use the Interactive Course Finder to help build your course schedule. Be sure to check for face-to-face labs and courses, as well as synchronous online activities if you are planning to study from overseas or if you are working. Schedule a lab, if necessary; and ensure you meet the pre-requisites for the courses you choose.


Register for courses at your appointment time

IMPORTANT: International students must pay all tuition & fees‌ before registration. Plan ahead to avoid problems at registration. Online payments may take several days to be posted on your account. Check for registration holds (fees, library, academic warning, etc), and resolve them early.

Note: Due to Covid-19, students will not be able to pay tuition & fees in person for the Winter 2021 semester. Expect delays if paying by telephone.

Register online

To register online‌, use your completed timetable worksheet/schedule and log on to myUFV. You can register at home or a UFV drop-in lab.

Register in person

Note: Due to Covid-19, students will not be able to register in person for the Winter 2021 semester. 

Not sure how to register?

Registration Tutorial Videos


Double-check your receipt and timetable

  • If you register online, save or print a copy of your payment confirmation as a receipt as well as your timetable. Check your timetable to make sure that you are in the courses you want on the days and times you want.
  • Due to Covid-19, students will not be able to register in person for the Winter 2021 semester. 

Check your registration status frequently

After you register, problems may occur. Check your registration status and your UFV student email account often to identify problems quickly and secure your seat in high-demand courses. See an advisor if you have questions.

‌Important registration notes:

  • Prerequisites must be met at the time of registration.  Students who do not meet the prerequisite(s) for a course may request permission from the instructor.
  • If you are on a wait list and a place opens for you, claim it as soon as possible. You will be notified by UFV student email.
  • Make sure that we have your current address and phone number. Check your contact information on myUFV and update it, if necessary.
  • Are you in English Language Studies (ELS) or University Foundation? If you will meet the English requirements for academic study soon, see an advisor for course and program planning before you register.
  • If you meet the requirements (English, math, GPA, etc.) to change your program, apply for a program change through myUFV. There are many advantages to declaring your program, including earlier registration dates, access to reserved seats, and more. There is a fee for program changes.‌
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