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Recorded orientation sessions

Just in case you missed one of our CLIMB orientation sessions, we share the recordings for this semester here.

This information is very important. We strongly recommend that you attend the live sessions or watch the recordings of all orientation sessions.

Prep for your CLIMB

[December 1, 2021]: Get an overview of what CLIMB is and what to expect over the next weeks, until the first week of classes.

Travelling to Canada during COVID-19

[December 3, 2021]: This session aims to share and discuss information on your eligibility to travel to Canada as an international student. It also covers the recent travel/quarantine requirements mandated by the Government of Canada.

Medical insurance overview

[December 8, 2021]: This session teaches you about medical insurance for international students including the difference between, MSP, and Student Care.

Sneak peek at University 101

[December 10, 2021]: Curious to know what an online university course looks like? Get a sneak peek with a professor who teaches University 101 at UFV!

Canada Eh?

[December 15, 2021]: Coming to Canada eh? Not sure what to pack and how to best prepare for our indecisive weather. Team S&S will help you become an expert in no time about Canada. Special guests Adrian and Balraj will discuss transitioning in Canada.

Academic support services

[December 17, 2021]: Academic work in Canada may be different than you are used to. If you find it challenging, we can help. As a UFV student, you can get free academic support, such as tutoring and workshops to improve your study and writing skills. Meet the Academic Success Centre staff to learn more!

Academic advising

[December 22, 2021]: Have questions about your courses or program? UFV academic advisors are here to help you understand your program and assist you throughout your time at UFV. Find out what the Academic Advising Centre has to offer.

Learn from the pros: Student tips from your CLIMB Guides

[December 24, 2021]: Being a university student is a balancing act of hard work and finding time to relax. In this session, our CLIMB Guides share their personal tips to help you succeed in your first semester at UFV.

The Peak

[January 4, 2022]: Celebrate your hard work! The Peak Party is a night of conversation and laughter as we look back on our hard work and look forward to starting the semester together. Enjoy the view and your new friends at the Peak!

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