First Week of Class

Your first week of the semester is undoubtedly the most hectic. This is where you will be able to access your courses through myClass, meet your professors for the first time and discover what the rest of your semester will look like. Not only that, you will also meet new people in your class, discover various sevices at UFV and probably be asked to join in on some virtual events. Read below to find out the main things you should focus on during your first week, aside from attending class. 


Read your syllabus

A syllabus or course outline is a description of what you can expect in your course throughout the semester. You can find your syllabus within your course on myClass and it typically includes:

  • your professor's contact information (name, email and office hours)
  • course materials (textbooks, specific programs/software, etc)
  • exams and assignment guidelines
  • grading scale
  • tentative schedule that outlines the topics covered on a weekly basis as well as any due dates for exams, assignments and assigned readings

Create a schedule

Being organized by having a schedule is one of the key things needed for a successful semester, especially with multiple online courses. A schedule will give you a visual overview of the assignements, readings, quizzes and exams that you will have throughout the semester. Use different colours to distinguish between your classes and to easily manage the busiest of times. 

Your Semester Schedule

This type of schedule will provide you with the full picture, all 14 weeks of your semester. The easy part is gathering all the tentative lecutre and lab schedules which your professors provide you on your first day of class. They are either included near the end of your syllabus or as a seperate document. You can use a template or design your own semester schedule and fill in all the deadlines and exam dates from each course. Make sure you use different colours per course so that it is easy to read. After you are done, print off your schedule and post it in a place where you will see it often. 

Tip: set a reminder on your phone for all quizzes and exams so you don't miss the window to complete them.


Get your textbooks

How and where? Those are the two most common questions students ask when it comes to textbooks. While some courses may not require a textbook, many of them do and in general, e-textbooks are cheaper than paper textbooks. 

How do I know which textbooks I need?

It's in your syllabus! You are going to hear that a lot but it's true. All information that is relevant to your course, will be found in your syllabus under "Textbook and Required Course Materials". It should also specify whether an older version of your textbook is acceptable. If not, and your professor has not mentioned anything, don't be afraid to email your professor and ask. 

If you want to know which textbooks you will need before the start of classes, you can look on the UFV Bookstore's website.

Where do I buy my textbooks?

You can choose to buy your textbook from the UFV Bookstore by clicking the "Buy New $..." button to add the textbook to your cart or you can just note the name of the textbook and find other sources to buy your texts.

Attending Class

Classes begin on May 03 for most students, unless you are in the Data Analysis Certificate (DAC) program, then your classes may begin on July 02 (check your LOA and semester schedule to be sure. In any case, you are expected to log into myClass. Follow these simple steps to navigate your way through myClass.

  1. Once you have logged in, locate My Courses and click on the first course you see. This should open the course with the "Announcements" section appearing first (depending on the professor).
  2. Next, find your Course Syllabus and Course Schedule. Depending on the professor, they may be under a section called "Course Information" or "Course Material". Note: The Course Schedule may be within the Course Syllabus.
  3. Some professors may ask you to introduce yourself in the "Discussion" section or on a padlet. Read the instrusctions your professor provides (if any).
  4. Feel free to look at the other sections and that's it! Your professor will be able to see that you have been active in the course.
  5. Repeat the process for all other courses.

What happens if I don't log in on time?

Sometimes things happen unexpectedly: you have troubles logging into myUFV, you thought your class was on Thursday but it was today, or your schedule showed the wrong time and anything in between! We get it, these things happen. Don't panic if you have missed a class, all you need to do is email your professor immediately, and let them know what happened.

If you have a synchronous class and you miss the first meeting or don't log into your asynchronous course by the deadline, the professor will assume that you no longer wish to be in their class and may drop you from the course so that a student on the waitlist may take your place. So the most important thing to do is to communicate with your professor!

Kerstin Stausberg

UFV is awesome! It provides small classrooms for better student and prof interaction. You can get involved in clubs and associations. And if you have any problems, there are always helpful staff members who will support you.

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