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The Global Lounge

About the Global Lounge

The Global Lounge (B223) is a place to study, hang out with friends, or simply take a break. We welcome you to our welcoming and comfortable space, which includes tables and chairs for studying, cozy chairs for relaxing, a 70” screen TV with cable, HDMI hookup, a Blue-Ray player, and light refreshments (tea, water, snacks).

Join us today in the Global Lounge, a safe and welcoming space at UFV that embraces diversity, supports cross-cultural exchange, and promotes the respectful debate of ideas and views to support and enhance the student experience at UFV.

Global Lounge Programs by UFV International

 The Global Lounge HUB 

Global Lounge HUB Weekly Programming Schedule (FALL 2020 TBA)
ProgramDays and Time
Friends Without Borders  
Step Cafe  
Game Night  
Language Exchange  

Booking the Global Lounge

  • UFV International is open for regular business hours between 8am-4pm Monday-Friday. Therefore, if you request a booking during this time, the Global Lounge space is not exclusively for your event. There would be regular student traffic and interaction, and some noise that may be disruptive. But, at the same time, it may encourage more people to join your event.
  • Events can be booked exclusively for your event between 4-7pm Monday to Friday.  

Student Group Booking Form

Staff / Faculty Booking Form

Previous events held in the Global Lounge include:

  • Photo Exhibits
  • Movie nights
  • Salsa dancing lessons
  • Cultural events
Charlotte Xia during UFV Holi festival

On March 6th, we joined the Holi celebration, which was very new to me. It was the first time I heard about this Indian event and we had so much fun with all the colour throwing and were unrecognizable by the end.

We were crazy about it. And in the afternoon of the same day, we also joined the Lunar Year party, and I liked the food there. These three months have been awesomely incredible, and I am looking forward to other future events.

  • – Charlotte Xia
  •    UFV student
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