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This is Savannah, a global student associate preferred photo.Savannah

Cześć! My name is Savannah and I was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Here at UFV, I am studying Kinesiology and Psychology. I speak Polish, English,

as well as some French and Spanish. Aside from the fabulous professors with whom I can connect, UFV has taught me that there is more to university than homework and exams. I have made a lot of amazing friends and have had the opportunity to interact with others in a multicultural environment. UFV is a place where you can really discover who you are and teaches you skills which you will use for the rest of your life.

If you are looking for your next adventure, UFV is the place to be. I hope to see you here! If you are interested in hearing more about my experiences or have any questions regarding UFV, feel free to message me at: 


Hello!  My name is Min Ni. I am from China. I have studied for one and half years in China and now I am in my third year studies in Bachelor of Science with Biology major at UFV.  I have experienced diverse student life here. The campus is very lovely with nice professors and students. I also a work on campus gaining more valuable experiences. As a science student, I enjoy the lab with lots of interesting experiments. I also have a chance to communicate with professors during their office hour to know more about science. During my leisure time, I am involved with various events happening around campus. I have made lots of friends from different culture. I will cherish my student life at UFV forever.      

Please come and join us! I would like to hear about your experiences. If you have any questions about UFV, please contact me at or wechat at “ufvinternational” 

Michael is a global student associateMichael

Oh hi there! My name is Michael Duong and I am Canadian-born Vietnamese. I am currently majoring in Global Development Studies which allows me to learn from many different fields of study and to learn about the world as a whole as well.

Working as a Global Student Associate gives me the opportunity to work with the International community and to welcome them into Canada as they begin their new life at UFV.
Being able to share experiences and culture from many different backgrounds to form one unique community has had a great impact on me as a person.

My favourite part of studying at UFV is the strong sense of community that comes with a small campus. A small campus allows a stronger relationship with friends throughout your academic careers as well. The instructors and staff members are also incredibly kind and friendly, allowing you to feel at home. Being able to have such personal interaction with the community is one of my fondest experiences at UFV and I hope that you can experience it here at UFV as well.

I hope that you will consider studying at UFV and that we can one day meet and share each others' culture. Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding UFV at

Assaf, is a global student associate‌Assaf

 Hi there! My name is Assaf and I am born and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

 I moved to Canada a couple of year ago where I decided to study Bachelor of 
 Business Administration (BBA). Being at UFV has definitely taught so much. This includes being positive, persistence, and ambitious. What I love about UFV is its campus. On the campus, I can do a lot of things, and I get to know many people including professors! 
 My role as a GSA is to facilitate the program Friends Without Borders. 

 I am also involved with Business Administration Student Association (BASA) as the HR president. I enjoy meeting new people so if you see me, say hello!  

If you have any questions regarding Friends Without Borders or myself, please do not hesitate to contact me at

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