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Travel to Canada

Before you travel to Canada, you must have an arrival plan and take a COVID test 72 hours before you arrive. You must take this test even if you are not in your own country. You must also:

  • Monitor your health and having a quarantine plan.
  • Take private transportation from the airport to your quarantine residence.
  • Complete additional paperwork.

Understand and plan for medical insurance in Canada

As an international student, you need to have medical insurance while you are in Canada. We will enrol you in a private plan ( to cover the first three months of your studies. This coverage begins on the first day of the first month of your semester (e.g., September 1 for the fall semester).

If your study permit is valid for six months or more, you must enrol in the mandatory B.C. Medical Services Plan (MSP) within your first 10 days of arriving in B.C.

Enrol in MSP

If you plan to arrive before the first day of the first month of the semester, you must purchase Early Arrival insurance from

Get Early Arrival Insurance

Learn more about required medical insurance.

Arrange for your permits and visas

If you are a new student, see Apply for study permits and visas.

If you are currently a student, see Immigration: Updating study permits and visas.

Learn about coming to Canada during COVID-19

Before you confirm your travel plans, be sure you fully understand our Coming to Canada during the pandemic information. Use it to:

  • Determine your eligibility to travel to Canada.
  • Find resources.
  • Stay up to date with the most recent Government of Canada travel requirements.
  • Create your pre-travel plan, including pre-flight COVID testing.

You will also learn about:

  • Submitting a quarantine plan to the government (required) using the ArriveCan app (see below).
  • Using the iCent app (see below) to submit your travel/quarantine details to UFV (required).
  • What to expect at the airport, and a documentation checklist.
  • Information on self-isolation (Quarantine Handbook).

Get the ArriveCan app

Use the ArriveCAN app to provide mandatory travel information on and after your entry to Canada.

Note: When the app asks "Is your travel is EXEMPT?", choose No.

Get the iCent app

Use the iCent app to provide mandatory travel information on and after your entry to Canada.

Book your 14-day quarantine residence and your ride to UFV

If you meet all the requirements to be considered fully vaccinated, you may be exempt from quarantine requirements. If you are not exempt, you can proceed to your quarantine residence. You must:

  • Quarantine right away.
  • Not use public transportation.
  • Not stop for shopping.

If you do not meet all the requirements to be considered fully vaccinated:

  • You may be approved to travel to either your 14-day quarantine residence or UFV residence.
  • If you are required to quarantine, you must use private transportation such as a taxi to travel between the airport and your 14-day quarantine residence. You are not allowed to use public transit.

Get the latest information on Canada’s accepted vaccinations and quarantine regulations.


Travel options from the airport to UFV 

After you have passed through customs and immigration and completed any required COVID-19 testing at Vancouver International Airport (YVR), you will need to go directly to your quarantine location. You can use public transportation to get to your place of quarantine. While using public transportation, you must wear a mask. You can review the transportation options at YVR on their website .

Upon request, UFV can also arrange for Language Limousine Airport Service to meet you at the airport and take you to your quarantine location. This service has to be booked in advance. To arrange your transportation and book in advance click here


Tell us about your quarantine plans at least 14 days before you travel

A minimum 14 days before you travel, you must advise us of your quarantine plans using the iCent app.

Learn how to use the iCent app.

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