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Celebrate at the Peak

When you climb to the top of a mountain, you see the view from the peak.

When you finish your UFV CLIMB orientation – celebrate with us at the Peak!

Your Peak event


On Tuesday, January 4, the day your classes start, join us online at 08:00 pm (PST). Have fun, meet other students, and win prizes!

*Abbotsford is in Pacific Standard Time (PST) or Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), depending on the time of year. If you are attending the Peak Party from outside of B.C., do a quick internet search on the current time zone so you do not miss the big event!

Join the Peak event online by logging into your Cvent account

Get ready for the Peak

Peak party pack

Download a Peak virtual background, get yourself some snacks, and get ready for the party! Download the file from our site, and then upload it to your Zoom account!

Zoom photo backgrounds

Into the Woods

Download Into the Woods [PNG]

Fun at the Peak-1

Download Fun at the Peak-1 [PNG]

Fun at the Peak-2

Download Fun at the Peak-2 [PNG] 


Download Vancouver, BC [PNG]

Zoom Video backgrounds

Downtown Vancouver

Download Vancouver Waterfront [mp4]

Peak View 1

Download Peak View [mp4]

Party 2

Download Peak Party [mp4]

Party 3

Download Peak Party-2 [mp4]

Note: For help customizing your background, see the Zoom virtual background overview.

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