Sourav Aggarwal

Program: Bachelor of Business Administration 
From: India

I am living a good life at UFV

Sourav AggarwalMy journey at UFV started off perfectly. I am from India. I came here as a transfer student in my 4th year and have spent two years already.

UFV has been a very pleasant journey for me. I have been a part of the big family here. I have a few people, from staff and students, whom I call my family away from home.

I work with the Athletics department (UFV Cascades) and Student Life. I am an active volunteer, and a very active person on campus.

I have many friends now, local and from different nations. Two of my best friends, whom I met within the last year, are from Japan and France.

My UFV experience has provided me another family, as well as a lot more destinations to travel around the world without worrying about a place to live. I am living a good life at UFV!  

Sourav Aggarwal with orientation team

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