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Kerstin Stausberg

Program: School of Social Work and Human Services

UFV mentors helped me transition to UFV

Kerstin StausbergI’ve been studying at UFV since September 2012 and it has been great so far! Right from the beginning, I had a mentor who helped me transition to the university by introducing me to student services, such as the writing or math centre, as well as people from all over the world.

Originally, I am from Germany.The rural area I come from in Germany is not very multicultural. In major German cities, like Berlin or Munich, you might find a more diverse population. But in my area, most people are just German.

When I started university I met people from all over the world, enabling me to gain cultural competency by making friends who each have a different cultural background. I love it! I don’t have to travel to all the countries to get to know a new culture. I can just stay in one country and get almost the same experience just by talking to a variety of students.

If I don’t hang out with friends, I study and get to experience the wonderful interaction with classmates and instructors by being in small classes up to 36 people. That’s so awesome! Profs actually remember you and you get to even chat with them outside of the classroom.

In order for me to always get connected, I started to get involved. In my case, I volunteered for the international office as an international student mentor. And eventually I started running, together with four other awesome executives, the International Student Club (ISC)! You should come check it out! We do a bunch of fun events all tied into multiculturalism and diversity! So if you want to meet people from all over the world, that’s the place to be ;)

UFV is awesome! It provides small classrooms for better student and prof interaction. You can get involved in clubs and associations (you should! It’s so much fun and it gives you something to do other than studying ;) Plus it’s a great way to get connected if you are a new student!). And if you have any problems, there are always helpful staff members who will support you.

Kerstin Stausberg in the great B.C. outdoors

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