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Charlotte Xia

Program: Bachelor of Business Administration
From: Beijing, China

I joined Holi festival, which was very new to me

Charlotte Xia during UFV Holi festivalThis semester is my first one, and it's my first time in Canada. I am really happy to be here, especially during the international student orientation day. I think the people who planned it are awesome.

I made a lot of friends, even though some of them I don't see often since then. Because I am living in residence, I have been invited to so many school events, and I enjoyed them. Like special floor meeting, free pasta night, chatting night. I can always make new friends each time when attend an event.

On March 6th, we joined the Holi celebration, which was very new to me. It was the first time I heard about this Indian event and we had so much fun with all the colour throwing and were unrecognizable by the end.

We were crazy about it. And in the afternoon of the same day, we also joined the Lunar Year party, and I liked the food there. These three months have been awesomely incredible, and I am looking forward to other future events.

Charlotte Xia with friends

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